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Trust that your needs will be met with Air Service Basel’s FBO services.

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Passenger and Guest Services

Air Service Basel handling team are at your service no matter what you need.

With our direct ramp access, you are only a few steps away from being welcomed by our FBO handling team inside our private and secure passenger facility. Here you can experience the comfort of our intimate VIP lounge where our staff will cater to your specific needs.

Our services
    • VIP lounge
    • Private conference rooms
    • Crew lounge
    • Snooze room
    • Concierge service
    • Fuel on ramp
    • Limousine & taxi services
    • Rental car reservations
    • Hotel reservations
    • Local activities
    • Catering
    • Private car parking
    • Direct ramp access
    • Customs clearance on site
close up on the arm of a pilot in his uniform, sitting in a lounge and looking at a map on a tablet

Pilot and Crew Services

Flight crews will find ASB’s facilities to be second to none.

ASB’s facilities ensure that you and your flight crew are well-rested and prepared for the next flight. Take a nap in our snooze room, enjoy our free Wi-Fi access, discuss the upcoming journey in one of our briefing rooms, or simply enjoy the view from our crew lounge.

Our services
  • Our highly qualified and talented handling agents can help you with technical services.

  • Our local partners can help you with any maintenance needs.

Your FBO benefits

The advantage of choosing Air Service Basel

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Personalized service
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Modern facilities
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Absolute privacy

Contact person

Dedicated to you seven days a week.

Sandrine Schmidlin, FBO Manager
Sandrine Schmidlin FBO Manager
Alissa Knopp, Marketing & Communication
Alissa Knopp Marketing & Communication

Handling request

We are prepared to meet every request.

Contact us

The ASB experience

Make your aviation experience timeless.

Learn how we provide the most sophisticated and personalized business aviation experience to every guest and aircraft we accommodate, from landing to take-off.

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