In 1967, General Aviation Genossenschaft Basel (GAGBA) opened to supply the need to cater for the private pilot population in the Basel, Switzerland area. GAGBA offered flight instruction, aircraft for rent and for hire, and opened a small maintenance facility to care for the burgeoning Swiss aviation industry.


That December, a visionary six-person team, led by Christian Tschudin, saw the potential for growth and obtained hangar space from which to provide aircraft repair services.


Air Service Basel was born!



Air Service Basel’s maintenance business had begun to blossom by virtue of their reputation for outstanding service. They became the European representative for Robertson STOL products, and a well-known source for aircraft owners to increase the performance capabilities of their aircraft. Seeing a need for a reliable helicopter repair station in the Basel area, Air Service Basel began to service rotary wing aircraft as well.




Air Service Basel had become an authorized Mitsubishi Aircraft service centre to provide maintenance services for the MU-2 turboprop. The increase in the FBO’s popularity necessitated the construction of a new hanger to accommodate larger twin-engine aircraft.




Air Service Basel was acquired by Helica AG in 1992 and began to provide fleet maintenance services for Switzerland’s Farner Air Transport, which included large turboprops such as the Embraer 110 and the Fokker F-27. The company, whose name was now changed to FARNAIR Technical Services AG, gained valuable experience by ensuring that Farner Air Transport’s fleet of aircraft enjoyed an outstanding dispatch readiness rate.




In 2004 under the new leadership of Claudio Lasagni and Victor Berschi, the Air Service Basel logo received a significant makeover




The most successful organizations are always innovating, and the FBO business is no different. Driven by the new management team’s vast experience and inspired vision, the FBO placed a special focus on attracting aircraft owners to Air Service Basel’s unique brand of personalised luxury service. The company's successful track record led to an investment of private capital in 2008. This allowed the company to achieve its goal of building a complete business aviation centre, becoming Basel’s premier full-service private jet FBO.





In January 2009 Air Service Basel officially opened its new site and welcomed guests to the full-service maintenance centre with nearly 7500m2 of hangar space and 9000m2 of apron space.





Air Service Basel’s impact on the Swiss aviation scene became even stronger in 2014 when it partnered with Cat Aviation to create Cat Air Service at the Zürich’s Kloten Airport. Cat Air Service replicates Air Service Basel’s tradition of luxury service by providing the only FBO in Zürich with an airside lounge.




Celebrating 50 years of Air Service Basel.



On January 19th we celebrated our 10 anniversary at our private terminal offering a full range of services handling, maintenance, parking and CAMO.


In September 2020 Ar Service Basel closed its maintenance department to focus on its handling and CAMO services. 


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