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How fast can an FBO repair an offsite aircraft?

Here at Air Service Basel we're always striving to offer the very best service in Business Aviation. But until July this year, we had never responded to an aircraft maintenance request quite as rapidly.

One of our long-standing clients was travelling to an important event that weekend and had some bad luck with his aircraft. Normally, the client would drop his aircraft in for repair at Air Service Basel's headquarters in Switzerland, but in this case he was over 1000km away.

One of our Maintenance Engineer's received a phone call from his client on a Saturday evening urging us to attend to the aircraft as fast as possible.

Without delay, the engineer got into a taxi for the 10-hour drive to Budapest to change the wheel of our clients' Falcon. The speed of the fix allowed the client to continue his journey in less than 12 hours after the problem had initially occurred.

ASB Maintenance Manager, Patrick, mentions that "we've only attended a couple of situations like that here, but all of our engineers seem to enjoy these kinds of experiences."

The engineer who attended the aircraft claims; "It was a long weekend but in the end, it's our job to serve our customers as quickly as possible and I am proud to work for a company that has the commitment to respond to requests like this."

As we are still a small company, our engineers are always in direct contact with our customers, giving them opportunity to rely on us in times of need, and clearly this client took advantage of our services, - what a great result!

If you've had any similar experiences let us know or if you would like to find out more about our maintenance or any other services please see our services page or contact us.

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