Operators can make flights within 5 days and the 5th handling and parking will be free.

(Valid until 30th June)

To help operators maintain passenger requests, crew training and aircraft airworthiness we've launched the 555 package, available immediately to all handling requests.

What's Included?

  • 5 flights within 5 days and get the 5th handling free

  • Free apron parking on the 5th day

  • Access to crew support and lounge 

  • Fast ramp fuel 

  • No slots airport - flexible flight planning

  • Transfer reservations

  • Opening hours 06:00 - 22:00 (extensions possible on request)

Safe and Secure Envrionment

Despite border restrictions, Air Service Basel remains operational at our FBO at EuroAriport Basel, and we are maintaining the highest level of health and hygiene measures for our clients and employees.

All of our operations teams are equipped to handle and contain any suspected cases of COVID-19 at Air Service Basel. 

  • 4500m2 parking hangar, available for short and long-term aircraft parking.


  • Internationally recognized maintenance and repair facility is on-site and often available at a moment’s notice


  • Passenger services that include direct ramp access, concierge services and private lounge. 

Did you know the number 5 symbolizes exploration, travel and change?

We thought it was particularly fitting to our new 555 package as we all facing a time of unpredicted change and have been forced to adapt in unimaginable ways.

We continue to be here, to support your travel in Business Aviation, so we can all continue exploring new ways to enhance and secure the future of our industry.