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Introducing business aviation to the next generation

According to the European Business Aviation Associated (EBAA) there will be record demand for jobs within business aviation by 2028. The greatest need will be for maintenance, engineering, manufacturing, flight operations and pilots.

The challenge we face as an industry is that the next generations only have a partial sense of what we do. We have a responsibility to change that and make business aviation more transparent to attract the next generation of talent and clients too.

Here at Air Service Basel we believe this knowledge should be spread from the very bottom of the career chain. So, last week, we welcomed students from Bubendorf Primary School to get a basic introduction to what business aviation is about and the services we provide at Air Service Basel.

Class from Schule Bubendorf

4th Primary Class from Bubendorf Primary School

The students were warmly welcomed to the Air Service Basel facility by CEO Claudio Lasagni and FBO manager Sandrine Schmidlin.

Children in the Air Service Basel offices with CEO Claudio Lasagni

Children in the Air Service Basel conference room with CEO Claudio Lasagni

The attentive group were then led by Vice President of the Board, Victor Bertschi, through the maintenance hangars to admire the aircraft and explain a bit about our services.

Victor Bertschi in Air Service Basel hangar with school group

Some even got the chance to get up close and personal with the private jets.

Group under the aircraft from Bubendorf School

What do you think? Any future aircraft engineers here? :)

Thanks to Mr Philipp Gasser for bringing your class to visit us, we hope you enjoyed the day!

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